NEW!  Non-members of DENTASA can now also obtain CEUs by completing SADTJ questionnaire at R70 per CEU. Members still pay only R30 per CEU.

How are the CEUs calculated for the Journal?

The Journal (SADTJ) falls under Category B: (Measurable) Training and Publications: Dental Technology and related fields, sub-category B8.
A maximum of 20 of the required CEUs may be obtained/claimed from this category but not more than 10 from any sub-category, with the exception of B4 which may not exceed 20 CEU’s.

Answer/complete multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQ) in journals, including electronic journals and or professional association News Letters with required pass mark.

70% is needed to pass and 0.2 CEU per standard page of prescribed reading and 0.2 CEU per question is awarded.

SADTJ Volume 7 Q1