How does DENTASA help you to get CPD credits?

Ref No.

Credit bearing Activity/Event                                         

No. of CEUs                                                                                      



Attending a formal local or national exhibition or trade show

1 CEU per day.

 Maximum 4 CEUs per year

2 for having fun at the DENTASA Summit & AGM


Membership of a dental technology or related professional accredited          association (excluding SADTC)

1 CEU per association to a maximum of 3                                                                                                                         

1 just for membership


National chairperson of an accredited professional association

5 CEUs

5 for making the speeches and signing the minutes


Chairperson of branch or vice-chairperson of an accredited national professional association.

4 CEUs

4 for taking on some responsibility as branch chairperson


Office bearer at all levels of an accredited professional association excluding the national chair-, vice-chairperson and branch chairperson.

3 CEUs

3 for some more responsibility as an Executive Committee member


Attending the AGM of an accredited professional association.

2 CEUs

2 for sitting through the Annual
General Meeting


Attending a branch meeting of an accredited professional association.

1 CEU per meeting to a maximum of 3 per year

2 DENTASA branch meetings per year


Answer/complete multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQ) in journals, including electronic journals and or professional association News Letters with required pass mark.

0.2 CEU per standard page of prescribed reading and 0.2 CEU per question. A 70% pass mark is required to qualify for the assigned credits

12 credits from the comfort of your own home from the SADTJ


Attending a lecture/talk/ workshop/demonstration at an official professional event.

1 CEU per hour

At least 8 at the DENTASA Summit & AGM lectures