Membership Fees

Membership fees for  January to December 2017


Membership subscription:

R 1812


Manufacturing facility levy:

R 1510

Debit order: Membership subscription including facility levy: R 300pm



Membership subscription:

R 908

Debit order: R 88 pm



Membership subscription:


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DENTASA Membership Fees

If you did not receive your account for DENTASA membership fees, please contact Elize at the office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will ensure that you do receive it.

DENTASA is a voluntary Association and membership is thus not compulsory, but we do believe very essential to ensure that our profession grows into the profession we all would like it to be. DENTASA can only achieve this by growing membership and member involvement.

Membership automatically continues from one year to another and members will be liable for membership fees unless a written resignation is received by the DENTASA Office, ONE month before membership must be terminated.

The following explanation is added to clarify our membership fee structure to all our members and interested parties.

History of the manufacturing facility levy:

This levy was voted on and agreed on by the members attending the 2011 Annual General Meeting. Far more than the required 10% of our members attended this AGM and thus according to our Constitution, such a decision taken by the AGM is binding on all members of the Association.

It was also decided that this would be an annual levy and included in the membership of DENTASA from that day onwards.

Why was the manufacturing facility levy added?

Amidst all the quick and serious changes experienced in our profession it was debated and then decided that DENTASA needed a full time Chief Operating Officer (COO) to ensure that this profession is represented on all forums and spectrums of Oral Health and that our input is not only received but also taken into consideration.

As DENTASA is a non-profit organisation we needed a way to receive more money in order to pay the salary of such a full time COO. This is why and how the manufacturing facility levy was born and implemented.

Mr. Axel Grabowski, Past President of the Association, was appointed as the new COO of DENTASA in 2011. This new appointment to the staff of the association was made solely on the promises made by our members to pay the new manufacturing facility levy to enable us to pay the salary of our new COO. This is a much needed fee without which this association cannot perform to its best abilities.

Outstanding money

All members with outstanding monies also received statements as a reminder to pay all unpaid invoices for both CEU credits or membership fees and levies.

Please settle all outstanding accounts as soon as possible!

* Fees Subject to change without notice

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