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What does DENTASA do for for ME?

1 - Member Communications

  • Regular DENTASA E-Alerts report on the activities of DENTASA and inform members of official viewpoints.

  • SMS Service with job offers, news and info.
  • SADTJ and Archives

  • DENTASA Facebook Page and Facebook Group

  • DENTASA Twitter

  • DENTASA Blog

  • Calender with info on courses and meetings

  • Access to MEMBERS ONLY AREA on web site.

       Jobs: Technicians wanted / Technicians looking

       The Deadbeat Dentist List

       Annual General Meeting Minutes

       The latest official documents like the NRPL and new Regulations


       BHF Documents

       Gold Permit Documents

       Sample documents and forms

       General information regarding:

               Direct Claiming

               Medicross Invoices

               Legal Opinions

  • Personalized Service:  The Staff at headquarters work for you!  Elize will be available to answer any questions or help solve problems you might have by assisting where and when she can.

2 - Industry Advocacy

  • Regular liaison with the SADTC, SADA, Department of Health, Medical Devices Regulator  and medical schemes.
  • DENTASA keeps you informed on National issues and changes.

  • Membership means you are part of a united front to address issues in dental technology.

3 - DENTASA Meetings

  • The DENTASA Summit and AGM. The AGM is a great place to establish or renew contact with fellow technicians and other role players in the industry.
  • At least two branch meetings per year.

4 - Value Added Products

  • Momentum Group Scheme:  A medical evaluation-free group scheme for technicians.
  • Short Term Insurance available from our broker.

  • Discounted member rate on courier service from Globeflight.  Please contact Jani at 076 164 3198.
  • ABSA offers members of DENTASA credit card services  at STUNNING  rates. Contact DENTASA office.
  • "Non-Sterile" stickers.

  • Dual-pouch bag with document pocket, personalised with your laboratory logo.

  • "Little Log Book" milage tracker for drivers and delivery vehicles.

  • CPA Software for dental labs.
  • CPD credits for being a DENTASA member or office bearer from 2012.

  • CPD credits for attending the AGM and branch meetings from 2012.

  • CPD credits for completing the SADTJ questionnaires.

Did you know?     

The Dental Technology Association of South Africa (DENTASA) is the only officially recognised association for Dental Technicians in South Africa? 

The South African Dental Technicians Council (SADTC) is a body which governs the profession?

That the Dental Technology Association of South Africa is the only mouthpiece for ALL DENTAL TECHNICIANS, which will be silenced without your valued support? 

All Registered Dental Technician Employers, Employees and Students may belong to the association, as from July 2003. 

Only paid up members will strengthen the voice of this association. 

The Dental Technology Association of South Africa is here to assist you in this ever-changing profession? 

As a paid up association member, you have immediate access to Medical Aid Insurance Cover, and do not have to wait the prescribed three months for cover, and premiums are levied in arrears?

We cannot address issues, or add value, that is of great importance to you, without your support and membership.

What Next?  

It is as easy as completing a membership form, returning it to the office for processing. Fees can be paid monthly via a debit order.

The survival of this association is wholly dependent on the valued membership of the profession.

We look forward to receiving your completed membership form, and to welcoming you as an Association member.  

What did DENTASA do for me in......


December 2012 - What did DENTASA do for me in 2012?


End of the year message, Broadform Liability Insurance for Members


2010 in review, SADTJ Vol 2 Issue 3


Q: What is in the Members Only area?

A: Jobs: Technicians wanted / Technicians looking

For Sale: Items "For Sale" , or "Looking for..."

  • The Deadbeat Dentist List
  • Annual General Meeting Minutes
  • The latest official documents like the NRPL and new Regulations
  • E-Alerts
  • BHF Documents
  • Gold Permit Documents
  • Sample documents and forms
  • General information regarding:
    • Direct Claiming
    • Medicross Invoices
    • Legal Opinions

Q: How do I enter the Members Only area?

A: Username:  Enter your surname and first name (all one word, no spaces, using NO CAPITAL LETTERS) and your DENTASA membership number as password, again lower case only.


USERNAME: jansenvanvuurenanne-marie
PASSWORD: 0987dt
or 0987dts if you are a student...

Q: Who can join DENTASA?

A: Any technician registered with the South African Dental Technicians Council

Q: Why is there a difference between the membership fees for a lab owner and an employee?

A: Laboratory owners have a tax benefit that employees don't have.

Q: Must I join Discovery Medical Aid if I join DENTASA?

A: No.

Q: Must I join the Pension Fund if I join DENTASA?

A: NO. The Pension Fund is a requirement from the SADTC, according to the Dental Technicians Act all employees must be a member of the pension fund.  DENTASA occasionally invites the Administrators to explain matters about the fund to it's members.

 Submit a question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CPA Software

Technical Specification Dental Software

Consumer Protection Act

Version 1.0 17 May 2011








The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) came into effect on 1 April 2011, setting out the minimum requirements to ensure adequate consumer protection.

It firmly places the responsibility for ensuring adequate standards of goods and services in the hands of those who provide them. It also imposes default warranties and indemnities that in many cases exceed those given by the supplier.

The provisions of the Act imply more risk, more admin and more hard work for many businesses. This software has been designed to assist business in not only complying but also in easing the administrative process.

The main purpose of the software is to record the work that has been done for a patient and to print a Certificate of Manufacture detailing the work, materials and manufacturing process.

Certificate of Manufacture

To create a Certificate of Manufacture you will need to create a job for a patient. This job will be assigned a specific Job Number. For each job you will assign a patient and a doctor. You will then add the different laboratory tasks that were performed, for example a 9526 – Post VMK-N. All of these tasks will be set up in the system so that you can select them from a drop down list.

You will have the ability to add multiple laboratory tasks to a job. When printing the certificate all of the tasks as well as the materials used for the task will be listed. In addition to this the Batch Number, Lot Number and Expiry dates for the materials will be shown on the certificate if applicable.

If a laboratory task has settings for the manufacturing process these settings will also be displayed on the Certificate of Manufacture. An example of this could be the temperature setting for a furnace.

For the job you will identify which technicians worked on the job as well as indicating who did the quality check on the job. All of this information will be collated and displayed on the Certificate of Manufacture for the patient. There will be the facility to reprint these certificates if the need arises.


For each job you will have the capacity to store notes pertaining to the specific job. Here you can record any correspondence between the Laboratory and the Doctor. In addition to this you will also have the ability to store any pictures that are applicable to the job.

System Maintenance

You will be able to maintain all of the options in the system. This will allow you to cater for new tasks and materials in the future. Below is a listing of the options that you will be able to maintain:

·         Add and remove doctors

·         Add and remove patients

·         Add and remove laboratory tasks

·         Add and remove laboratory sub tasks

·         Add and remove the manufacturing settings for a laboratory task

·         Add and remove materials

·         Add remove technicians

For the materials that require it you will be able to capture the current batch, lot and expiry details. Each job that you do will be assigned the current batch, lot and expiry details until you update this information to new batch numbers. As you add new batch, lot and expiry details the previous details will be stored for audit purposes.


All of the data will be stored in a SQL database. There will be functionality to backup the database. The backup function will create a single file. This file can then be copied to a backup device.


The application will be written in Visual Basic .Net 2010 which is the latest version of Visual Basic released by Microsoft. The data will all be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database. The Express version of the database will be used as it is free for development and deployment and provides for 10 Gig of Storage.


The CPA software will assist laboratories in complying with the act. Laboratories will be able to store patient/manufacturing information for the required 3 year period. In addition to this it will make the whole process a lot easier to manage.

Download this document in pdf: Download here

Deadbeat Dentist List

Deadbeat: one who persistently fails to pay debts or expenses

Prevention is better than cure.

The reason that deadbeat accounts thrive in our industry is because most labs don't give new accounts credit applications, have poor collection procedures, and don't report transgressors to credit reporting agencies.

The List of Deadbeat Dentists are available in the Members Only part of the DENTASA web site. Enter your surname and first name (all one word, no spaces, using NO CAPITAL LETTERS) and your DENTASA membership number as password, again lower case only.

For example

USERNAME: jansenvanvuurenanne-marie

PASSWORD: 0987dt

or 0987dts if you are a student.

Add to  the Deadbeat Dentist List:

With your cooperation this list can be a  powerful tool in our industry.

Please use it wisely and keep it up to date.

To protect the Deadbeat Dentist List from abuse please only add names if the dentist has been listed with a National Credit Bureau or you are already busy with legal action.

Names can only be removed from the Deadbeat List by the labs that submitted them.

When to list a deadbeat dentist with a National Credit Bureau i.e. ITC:

In an event of proven , uncontested debt being uncollectable you can list a

business and/or it's principals, with a NATIONAL CREDIT BUREAU (i.e..

ITC). The different reasons that can be used are:










How to list a deadbeat dentist with a National Credit Bureau i.e. ITC:

All you need is the dentists name, Identity Document Number, last known address and the outstanding amount.

"Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me."


Tips on Debt collecting.


 Watch for new customers with a bad credit history. You can´t expect that a company or a person with a history of bouncing checks or paying their bills late will change their ways when dealing with you. If you must do business with the chronically late, lay down your credit rules early and firmly and start the relationship off slowly. Keep the amount of product or services you offer a company with an iffy credit record to a minimum until they´ve proven themselves worthy. And no matter how much you need the business, never start doing business with another person or company until you have a signed contract clearly stating and agreeing to payment terms.The latter forms  part of the Cunsomer Protection Act Reculations.


Those who expect to get paid, get paid.

In the administration and control of receivables, attitude counts. We've discovered that if you expect to get paid, and the other party knows it, and knows you'll take action if you are not paid, you will get paid.

It's simple: If you take it seriously, they'll take it seriously. On the other hand, if you treat receivables lightly, and allow your customers to take advantage of you, they will. What does "taking it seriously" mean? It means:


Establishing policies and procedures that will help you make decisions faster and easier.


Making a commitment to properly train yourself and your employees in how to manage and collect receivables.


Being certain your customers understand your terms and intentions.


Understanding and using the tools and services that are available to you.


Once you begin doing business with someone, make sure you stamp your invoices with the date that payment is due to you. Don´t rely on the customer to look at the invoice date and add 30 days -- or whatever your payment terms are -- to determine the pay date.


Don't Turn Your Back on Them

Extending credit to another company involves risk. Of course, in most cases, the risk is part of the cost of doing business, and it is acceptable . . . so long as it is managed properly.

Untended receivables can get out of control in the blink of an eye. And out of control is the first step towards being out of business. Here are some danger signals you can watch for:


Slow payment or a change in payment habits


Broken promises of payment


Unreturned messages


Postdated or NSF checks


Refinancing or changing banks


Unauthorized return of merchandise


Selling at unusually low prices


Radical changes in buying patterns


Too rapid growth


Phone customers and start trying to collect the day after a payment is due. Never wait -- let them know that you keep close track of your accounts receivable.


Stick to your guns

It's called "sticking to your guns". When you set terms, be determined to communicate them and to stick to them, no matter what. Remember, a deal is a deal. You've fulfilled your obligations, now it's their turn.

You do it by stating your terms and intentions with clarity and firmness. If you are vague and easygoing about your terms, it's more likely that people you deal with will be vague and easygoing about paying you.

It's important to develop a set of reasonable terms and conditions, and it's important to make them part of your customer agreement.


Until a customer pays their bills, don´t do any more business with them. Do not bend on this rule -- you´ll only cause yourself more problems and scuttle any chance of collecting what you´re owed. If you really want to keep doing business with a customer who owes you, insist that any new products or services they receive from you are c.o.d. -- cash on delivery.


Say What you Mean and Mean What you Say.

We have already said that in order to prevent problems, it's important to set terms and stick to them. Now, extend that thinking to situations where a problem already exists and you're trying to collect.

Every time you make a contact with the debtor, you must use the call to:

  • Push for a resolution (you get paid) or
  • Establish the next steps to be taken (call back, send a courier to get a check, repossession, legal action, etc.)

To keep your control, you must keep your word. If you say you are going to call back for an answer or a response at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, do it. If you tell a debtor that you are going to cut off their credit, do it. If you tell them that the matter is going to a professional collector, send it.

If you keep your word, and do exactly what you promise, you will always have the upper hand, and you will have a better chance of collecting.


Be prepared

It is understandable that some people are reluctant to make collection calls. After all, discussions of money can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking.

Organize your facts, discuss what you might want to say, and, most importantly, decide what you want to achieve with the call.

Make a list of objections you might hear, and determine how you will handle them. For example, what if the person you are trying to collect from responds with the classic line, "The check is in the mail"? Most people will feel relieved and say "Great! Thank you very much" and end the call. Big mistake. Your response should be:


When was the check mailed?


What was the check number?


What was the amount on the check?


Who was the check mailed to?


Be persistent

From the Dun & Bradstreet web site and Creative Debt Collecting by Dr Neil Flanagan

And on a lighter note:

Dear Sir/Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 1 May in which for the third

time, you request that I pay the monies owed to you. I first want you to

know that by no means do I dispute my debt and I intend to reimburse you

as soon as possible. However, I bring to your attention that I have many

more creditors, quite as honourable as you, and whom I wish to reimburse


That is why, each month, I throw all the names of my creditors into a

hat and draw one randomly whom I hasten to refund immediately. I hope

that yours will come out shortly.

Sincerely Yours,


PS: I have great regret in informing you that given the unceremonious

tone of your last letter, you will not be taking part in the next three


We made a deal with the bank, they will not make teeth and we will not loan money.

Please remit payment by the tenth.

Discovery & Momentum

Discovery Health 

As a paid up association member, you have immediate access and guaranteed acceptance to Medical Aid Insurance Cover, without the three, nine or twelve months waiting periods or exclusion clauses.  Furthermore the premiums are levied in arrears and there are various options to suite everybody's needs.

Discovery Life

As a member of Discovery health you and your spouse qualify for a 20% discount on Life Cover, Disability cover, Income Protector and Dreaded Disease (Trauma Cover) Depending on your Vitality status you will further receive a cash payout of up to 50% every 5 years of the total premium on the life policy contribution.

 Discovery Health's Protector Plan

With this product there is a waver for a period of ten years of Medical Fund premiums in case of Death, Disability and Trauma.  Furthermore they invest the full amount of paid in premiums per year minus claims is a separate savings account which will be available every five years and then the last full payment will be made at age 65.  This means your money will not be used for any cross subsidization. 


Johan Eksteen & Associates

FSB nr. 10930

Tel nr. 0861 222 990

Fax: 0865674622



Liberty Group Scheme

A group scheme without medical aid cover for technicians


R 400 000 Life cover


R 200 000 Trauma Insurance


R 12500pm Income Protector


 R 10 000 Funeral Policy for the family


Johan Eksteen & Associates

FSB nr. 10930

Tel nr. 0861 222 990

Fax: 0865674622

Globeflight Couriers

Save with Preferential Courier Rates for DENTASA members!

We are happy to inform you that DENTASA has negotiated preferential rates for our members with Globeflight Couriers. Please contact Jani Gouws at 076 1643 198 for further information.

Example: Overnight Express 

Prices are all inclusive:
Major Centres 0 -2 Kg :R58.03
Regional Areas 0-2 Kg :R126.54
In City (Jhb, Pta, Rustenburg, Brits and Polokwane) : R49.32

Contact Jani today to make use of this is considerable saving.

Liability Insurance

After much deliberation your exco has decided to remove the product liability insurance from the annual subs payable to DENTASA. This decision was taken due to the fact that there was too much unhappiness amongst our members, and it placed a huge burden onto DENTASA itself.

It will be up to each individual to decide for him or herself what route to follow.


Why is Broadform Liability necessary for Dental Technologists and Technicians as well as Laboratories?

With the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), it has become necessary to provide you with the widest cover possible.  We wish to reiterate that any business that is involved (whether in the repair, supply, distribution, manufacture, production, import, export or retail) with any product should purchase adequate cover under the Products Liability extension and the Defective Workmanship extension (where applicable). This would include anyone whether they are involved with the manufacture of the products or not.

Option 1:

FDA has negotiated a Broadform Liability policy with Chartis Insurance South Africa Limited which includes the following cover:

                General and Tenants Liability   R2 000 000

                Products Liability / Defective Workmanship     R2 000 000

                Employers Liability                   R2 000 000

                Statutory Legal defence costs    R250 000

Wrongful arrest / dismissal / defamation    R250 000

Sums Insured can be increased to R5 million or R10 million, at an additional premium, if needed

Premium can only be paid annually.  The premium amounts to R1200-00 once a year. 

Option 2:

FDA has also arranged a Package policy underwritten through Santam or Mutual & Federal which will include Machinery, Stock and materials, Tools, Computer equipment as well as the Broadform Liability at a monthly premium of R210-00. 

This policy can be adjusted to suit your individual needs, both Personal or Business.  Special rates has been negotiated for DENTASA members.

The existing Broadform Liability cover that was arranged through DENTASA for the period 2011-2012 will lapse on 1 January 2012 and each member will have to arrange their own insurance.

Downlaod Application Document


012-809 3370

Tel : (012) 809 3370/1/2  *  Fax: (012) 809 3375

PO Box 11659, Silverlakes, 0054  *  Tijgervallei Office Park, Prosperitas Building Office 3, Silver Lakes, Pretoria, 0081

Product & Public Liability Insurance Programme

The new Consumer Protection Act was implemented 1 April 2011 and will influence the running of all laboratories. The Act gives consumers powerful new rights and imposes extensive obligations on suppliers of goods and services.  It applies to almost all transactions, the promotion and marketing of any goods or services as well as the actual supply of those goods and services in South Africa.  Even where a transaction may be exempted from the Act, the product liability provisions still apply. 

 The CPA will have a profound impact on the way businesses interact and conduct business with consumers (natural and juristic persons). 

The repercussions should something go wrong:

-    The CPA states that you could be fined   R1, 000 000 or 10% of your turnover,

       which ever is the greater amount, should you be found negligent.

-   The laboratory is not the judicial entity; the technician is.

-   You can be sued as an entity or in your personal capacity.

Taken from a letter from Council:

The Council noted the need to have some insurance cover against any claims of liability from consumers which may arise from the professional services rendered which will ultimately effect and/or impact on a consumer.

Lindsay Saker Fourways

You can purchase any VW vehicle from Lindsay Saker Fourways at cost +3%, we also have a wide range of Master Cars as well.

For more information please contact:

Wendell Merckel

New Automobile Sales Executive

Lindsay Saker VW Fourways

A Division of the Imperial Group (Pty) Ltd.

Mail to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:          011 548 5096

Cell:         071 794 5510

Direct :    011 548 5136

GPS         S26’ 00. 930’ E028 00. 787’

Please visit our website for various other models of vehicles

Proof of paid up DENTASA membership is required.

We need to move all our current Polo’s ASAP.

The special is as follows, you can get a....

1. Free 5yr/60 000 maintenance plan with free smash and grab and free insurance for a year (subject to VWFS finance)

2. R20 000 cash back

3. R20 000 towards your trade-in

4. R20 000 discount

Please contact Wendell on 011-548-5096 or 0717945510 or mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note stock is limited....GOD BLESS

Little Log Book

Little LogBook is an uncomplicated solution to a pressing problem in South Africa. Current tax laws require that ALL taxpayers with a car allowance submit a detailed logbook of business mileage. Without this logbook, the monthly tax benefits received are lost and the shortages would need to be paid back to SARS

For example, a car with a value of R250 000 with 20 000 business kilometers traveled, could result in a payment to SARS of R15 892 at the end of the year (see case study). This is an unnecessary amount to lose, specifically because an inexpensive solution is available...

Little LogBook is a GPS device, no larger than a flash drive. It uses a minimum of four satellites to log your kilometers as you drive. This information is translated into a SARS-compliant report, using powerful software developed and supported in South Africa

The beauty of Little LogBook is the simplicity of use and wealth of information gained.

  • Start by plugging the device into the cigarette lighter to power up.
  • Little LogBook will automatically log all mileage on the device as you drive around.
  • End by downloading the information via your USB port on your PC to Little LogBook software.
  • Quickly identify unknown trips by viewing the trip at street level on Google Maps™ (subject to acceptance of Google Maps™ Terms & Conditions of Use,
  • Mark trips as private or business – if business, add relevant trip information.
  • The software automatically identifies the GEO locations, e.g. Randburg. These can be renamed, e.g. Office. Every time you return to that point, the software will instinctively recognise that you are at the "Office".

    It couldn't be easier!

You Tube Video Links:

Little LogBook User Guide: (6:30 minutes)

Little LogBook Commercial: (0:30 seconds)

To ensure the correct Voucher No is entered, use this link to the online order form:

Mccarthy Nissan Johannesburg

DENTASA members can now buy new vehicles at factorycost + 4%!

We are pleased to announce that as of January 2014, DENTASA has successfully negotiated an excellent deal from McCarthy Nissan End Street and Renault, a highly respected Motor Dealership company for the past 38 years.

The great news is that members of DENTASA looking to buy vehicles will now be able to get a vehicle through McCarthy Nissan End Street at factory cost plus 4%. Any other discounts will apply.

Pre-owned vehicles are also available.

Members will also enjoy benefits from Club McCarthy e.g.

1. Emergency Roadside Assist anywhere in South Africa.

2. Assistance for mechanical breakdown, flat tyres, empty fuel tank, keys locked in car, and a whole lot

3. Emergency medical, household assistance, legal advice and more is just a phone call away.

4. Free McCarthy Mobile app.

5. Exclusive discount on vehicle servicing, merchandise and holiday destinations…and many more benefits

Please note all inquiries  throughout S.A must be directed to:

Lee-Ann Cell: 0824126287 Tel: 011-2210000 Fax:011-3341764 Direct line: 011-2210135  

email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proof of paid up DENTASA membership is required.

gold membership1 gold membership2


The Professional Provident Society of South Africa is the largest multidisciplinary group of graduate professionals in the world with over 290 000 professional members. PPS is the only mutual financial services company in South Africa that has focused exclusively on graduate professionals for over 72 years.

Unlike a company that is listed on a stock exchange, PPS belongs to its members and operates under the ethos of mutuality, this means that members with qualifying PPS products can exclusively share in the profits of the PPS Group, through the unique PPS Profit-Share Account (previously known as the SRA). PPS offers tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions exclusively for graduate professionals.

Become a PPS member and you can also have your share in all PPS profits through the PPS Profit-Share Account.

PPS offers unique financial solutions to select graduate professionals with a 4-year degree. PPS is an authorised Financial Services Provider. Members with qualifying products share in the profits of PPS.

The history of PPS is a dynamic story of how the vision of a few pioneering professionals laid the groundwork of what has become the largest multidisciplinary group of graduate professionals in the world.  

Why can only B Tech graduates join?

PPS introduced B.Tech eligibility last year.   It does not include anyone with a Higher National Diploma.   B.Tech qualification includes a final academic year that is different from the National Diploma although both are four year degrees.   PPS has done extensive investigation with our Actuarial department and Reinsurers and on that basis decided to exclude the NHD as a principle decision in all instances, not just for Dental Technicians and Technologists.

It is also important to note that The South  African Dental Technicians Council that regulates Dental Technicians Profession advised the following and this is the guidance that PPS will follow:
A dental technologist is formally trained at a recognized institution to a NQF level 7 qualifications in dental technology, and is registered with the South African Dental Technicians Council. Qualifications for a dental technologist:

  • B-Tech degree in Dental Technology from a recognized South African institution.

It furthermore notes:

For the purpose of the Scope of Profession the following qualifications will be considered the equivalent of a dental technologist:

  • A registration with SADTC after the successfully completion of registered apprenticeship plus 3 years appropriate post registration work experience.
  • Diploma: Dental Technology (SADTC) plus 3 years appropriate post registration work experience. Higher Diploma in Dental Technology from a recognized South African institution plus 3 years appropriate post registration work experience.
  • An approved overseas dental technology qualification, together with the successful (50% a pass) completion of a registration examination as prescribed by the SADTC.

The Council does not accept Higher Diplomas per se but requires plus 3 years appropriate post registration work experience.  Work experience is not a defined criteria for eligibility for PPS.  PPS’ Eligibility as per our eligibility consist of three pillars where appropriate and where an association or council regulates the occupation and qualification category, namely qualification, association and occupation.

Dental Technologists with a B.Tech degree therefore qualify for PPS.  Although PPS do not follow the NQF level in the determination or evaluation for eligibility it is clear from the Council that they are guided by it and clearly defines who will qualify as a dental technologist.  


Profmed and Multiply

Maintaining the position as the leaders of healthcare funding within the sphere of select graduate professionals is by no means an easy task. At Profmed, we remain ahead by constantly adapting and evolving our benefits and products to meet the high standards expected by our loyal members. The Multiply Wellness and Rewards programme is one such product adopted by Profmed. Members have access to discounts on gym membership, flights, hotel accommodation and much more.

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a wellness and rewards programme that helps you understand, track and improve your wellness. As a member, you are rewarded for participating in activities that promote your physical and lifestyle wellness, allowing you to live life to the fullest. Multiply has two offerings: Base Multiply and Full Multiply.

Full document in pdf. form.

Game Changing NEWS!

Your DENTASA management have successfully negotiated a ONCE IN A LIFETIME Group Underwriting Deal with Profmed Medical Scheme

We have received a number of requests from our Members to consider alternative medical aids.  We recognise that Professionals in our Industry have specific needs in this regard, and we have therefore undertaken extensive research into the various providers. 

Your requests and our research have both confirmed that Profmed is an extremely reputable and suitable medical aid provider:   We are therefore delighted to advise that we have entered into a relationship with Profmed as an approved Medical Aid for our members

Profmed is the largest restricted medical scheme in South Africa, and only graduate professionals with 4 year or post-graduate degrees may become members.   It has been in existence since 1960, and the various options available cater for a range of needs.  Profmed is a “traditional” medical aid, offering comprehensive benefits with defined limits – this makes it a very straightforward scheme to understand and simplifies members’ interaction with the scheme.   The Profmed offer is around “Quality medical cover tailored to suit the lifestyle of professionals” which is one of the reasons that we believe it is well suited to the needs of our population.

Who is eligible to join Profmed?

To qualify to join Profmed, you need to be a paid-up member of DENTASA, and a qualified, Dental Technology Professional.

When can I join?

All DENTASA members joining Profmed prior to 31 March 2014, with Inception Latest 1 April 2014, will join free of underwriting, so no restrictions or exclusions will apply.  Thereafter, DENTASA Members may submit Applications for membership, however, may be subject to underwriting.

After Membership commencement, Profmed Scheme Rules, as registered with the Council of Medical Schemes will be applied.

Each Profmed member has the option to migrate between options at the end of each year.

What are the contributions and benefits? 

Please refer to the Profmed booklet which outlines the benefits and contribution table for 2014.

Who can I contact?

DIVAN FLEISCHMANN – a FAIS Compliant, Senior New Business Executive in the Employ of Profmed

E-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 084 587 4907

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How do I join? 

1.       Complete the application form and indicate your preferred option.

2.       Complete the online Application form on the Profmed website

3.       Make an Appointment with Divan Fleischmann should a one-on-one be your requirement

It is EXTREMELY important to provide your DENTASA Membership number on the respective Application forms and supporting documentation.

It is critical that all questions are answered in full, openly and truthfully.  The following supporting documents are required:

The completed and signed application form

  • A copy of your ID

When do I need to start contributing?

A Profmed application form signed by you will replace any previous/existing medical aid membership that you may have.  Therefore, any contributions that you may have to a different medical scheme will cease with the same effective date (to ensure that there is no break in your medical aid membership).

Termination of Existing medical Aid membership remains the responsibility of the Member.

Individual Members will be debited in Advance from the First month of Membership.

Groups (Defined as two members or more employed by the same entity) joining through the DENTASA/Profmed agreement will be sent a Billing statement and will be billed in Arrears.

Please make use of this exciting opportunity as the Underwriting concession negotiated with Profmed Medical Scheme by DENTASA Management closes on the 31 March 2014

SMS Service

Members can arrange for more than a thousand SMS alerts to be sent, by depositing R1000 into the DENTASA bank account and sending an email with the relevant info (not more than 160 characters) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This includes the free publication of your ad on the "Jobs" page under "Members Only".

Bank Details

Bank: ABSA Brooklyn            Branch code: 630345

Account name: DENTASA      Account number: 150 018 4686

Auto opt-out system for SMS alerts.

When someone replies with an opt-out message (STOP, OPT-OUT or similar opt out message), the SMS gateway automatically adds their number to a blacklist that is linked to the DENTASA account. Once a number has been added to this blacklist, the gateway will not send any further messages to that number, if the message originates from the DENTASA account.

If you want to have your number removed from the blacklist please contact WinSMS on 0861 WINSMS (0861 94 67 67) during office hours Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00.

Get in touch

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  • 012-460 1155

Phone: 012-460 1155

Fax: 012- 460 9481

Fax to email: 086 233 7122

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-13:00