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    From 2012 you can get at least 27 credits just for being a member, attending the AGM and branch meetings and completing the SADTJ questionnaires!

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NEW!  Non-members of DENTASA can now also obtain CEUs by completing SADTJ questionnairs at R70 per CEU. Members still pay only R30 per CEU.

CPD: The waiting game

It is generally accepted that CPD requirements must be:

  • reasonable,
  • achievable,
  • fair,
  • accessible to all (cost-effective),
  • transparent,
  • flexible, and
  • inclusive.

Measured against these categories the SADTC’s CPD requirements falls far short as the rules are draconian and very user-unfriendly towards the profession.

The maximum threshold for CEUs in certain categories is a case in point.  When bench marking against other councils like the Pharmacy Council, The South African Council for Social Service Professions, The South African Institute for Professional  Accountants , The Actuarial Society and most importantly the HPCSA with its TWELVE  professional boards, none of them have a maximum threshold for CEUs in a category.

By removing the maximum CEUs per category and making it possible to obtain all the CEUs from the Journal the SADTC will go a long way in making CPD achievable and accessible to all in the profession.

DENTASA also requested the SADTC to allow the technicians to complete the SADTJ questionnaires of the 2014/2015 period to make up their CEU short fall, this will also be discussed at the planned workshop.

In light of the above DENTASA requested that Mariaan Roets be allowed to attend and give her valued input at their proposed workshop which was supposed to have been held in March.  It is now the middle May and we are still waiting for any feedback from Council, seven months after our initial letters.

Our request to publish the SADTC newsletters and annual report in order for technicians to gain Ethic and Business points by completing the questionnaires was prohibited. We regret this decision as it would have made it possible for technicians in the rural areas to earn their Ethics and Business CEUs much easier and cheaper.

Half of this year is almost gone, we need clarity on the above issues, the CPD compliance rate is abysmal, let’s make it reasonable, achievable, fair, accessible, transparent, flexible and inclusive. It is possible.


Ms. Roets attended the CPD workshop representing DENTASA. We suggested the following to make it easier for technicians to comply, for service providers to apply and for the Council to administer:

1. Abolish maximum threshold per category

2. Make Ethics and Business CEUs available in accredited publications and other media

3. Simplify accreditation proces

4. That technicians be given a chance to get the required CEU’s for 2014/2015 by completing the 2014/2015 questionnaires in the SADTJ

The CPD Committee discussed the requests after the workshop in their meeting and will make recommendations to the Council.  The next SADTC meeting is 15 July 2017.


How are the CEUs calculated for the Journal?

The Journal (SADTJ) falls under Category B: (Measurable) Training and Publications: Dental Technology and related fields, sub-category B8.
A maximum of 20 of the required CEUs may be obtained/claimed from this category but not more than 10 from any sub-category, with the exception of B4 which may not exceed 20 CEU’s

Answer/complete multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQ) in journals, including electronic journals and or professional association News Letters with required pass mark.

70% is needed to pass and 0.2 CEU per standard page of prescribed reading and 0.2 CEU per question is awarded.

Please choose a SADTJ below and click on the button next to each journal to submit your answers
Journal Number View Journal Link Submit Answers Link
SADTJ Volume 7 Q2 View Journal Submit Answers 
  View Journal (Dropbox)  
SADTJ Volume 7 Q1 View Journal Submit Answers 
  View Journal (Dropbox)  (9.9 CEUs in Category B8)
 SADTJ Volume 6 Q3  View Journal  Submit Answers 
  View Journal (Dropbox)  (8.6 CEUs)
SADTJ Volume 6 Q2 View Journal Submit Answers
  View Jounal (Dropbox)  (10 CEUs)
SADTJ Volume 6 Q1 View Journal Submit Answers
  View Journal (Dropbox)  (17 CEUs) 
SADTJ Volume 5 Q4 View Journal (Dropbox) Submit Answers
  View Journal   (6.8 CEUs)
SADTJ Volume 5 Q3 View Journal Submit Answers
SADTJ Volume 5 Q2  n/a Submit Answers
SADTJ Volume 5 Q1  n/a Submit Answers
SADTJ Volume 4 Q4  n/a Submit Answers
SADTJ Volume 4 Q3  n/a Submit Answers

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development  has extended the exemption which was to have lapsed on the 31st of December 2011. Private companies within certain sectors are now exempted from compiling and submitting information manuals in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act to the South African Human Rights Commission until the 31st of December 2015.


6 steps to drafting a Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual

1.   Copy the Section 51 Manual Template (Annexure B to this Advisory).

2.   Download "Annexure C (Annexure C: Form C: Request Form)" & "Annexure D (Annexure D: Schedule of Fees)". You will see that these must be hyperlinked to from the marked place in the Template.

3.   Go through the template and fill in the easy answers. Where the answers are not immediately apparent make a note of who you need to speak to in order to clarify these – usually your accountant can be of some assistance.

4.   Go through your information records, especially those to do with management, employment and employees, and make sure that you have specified these.

Remember that just because a business record has been specified it does not mean that you will have to make this information available to anyone who requests it if there are valid reasons for not doing so.

5.   Once you have completed a draft circulate a copy to all decision-makers in your business and ask if they have any comments.

6.   Once you are satisfied that the manual is complete then:

a. Place a copy on your web site. Create a link to it from the home page which is clearly noticeable to visitors to your site (preferably without the needs to scroll down on a page). You can call the link "Access to Information Manual" or "Section 51 Manual".

b. Send a copy to the PAIA unit of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC):

The South African Human Rights Commission:


The Research and Documentation Department

Postal address: Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041

Tel: +27.11.484.8300 | Fax: +27.11.484.0582

Web: http://www.sahrc.org.za | PAIA (at) sahrc.org.za

c. Keep a hard copy at your head office and other major places of business – it must be available for inspection during ordinary office hours.

d. If you are a member of an umbrella organisation (e.g. an industry representative body with a code of conduct which is binding on its members) then a copy has to be submitted to the controlling body.




Additional Info


Betta Dental

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Simplifying Dental Technology


Confi-dent Agencies

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Dental Innovations

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011-472 2670


Elite Dental Supplies

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011-996 6000



Glaxo Smith Kline

011-745 6000



021-345 1214



Lifestyle Dentistry

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021-552 2721



Metal Free Dental

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Nova Dental Supplies

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Selective Aesthetics

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031-822 2737



Southern Implants

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Solution Hub

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Sterling Dental Supplies

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Wright Millners

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Zenith Dental

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011-806 2298



Tariffs and Codes:

It has taken a long time, but the new (three years) have now at last been sorted and are being paid by medical schemes.

Draft Regulations:

All the below listed Draft Regulations have gone through all the necessary channels and are now awaiting promulgation by the Minister of Health.
Regulations Relating to the Scope of Profession of Dental Technicians and Dental Technologists
Regulations Relating to the Mandatory Registration of Informally Trained Dental Laboratory Assistance and Dental Technicians with Restricted Registration.
Regulations Relating to the Supervision of Registered Dental Laboratories.

Trust Fund:

This is still a thorn in the side and is a long way off, of finalization. The good news is that all the missing funds have been recovered after a lot of searching, and are now safely paid into the Trust account. Hopefully by this time next year I will be able to report more positively.


The incorrect e-mails sent out by SADA regarding direct payment, that it is only allowed for the Lab to claim after the dentist has signed off the work, was after my meeting with the SADTC and some medical schemes, found to be groundless. You may claim as soon as the work is delivered and a delivery note is signed by anybody in the practice.

Student Competition:

It was decided in January to not have a Student Achiever competition in 2015, as the UoTs were of the opinion that there was insufficient time. 2016 however is in full swing. The first winner in 2014 is in Europe at present.

Sub Committees of SADTC:

Although I am not a SADTC Councillor, I am happy to inform you that I serve on the following committees.

Legal Committee
CPD Committee
Education Committee
Tariff Committee (to be ratified on the 12th December)

By not only serving on these committees, but being very involved in all of them I can assure you that your interests are always first and foremost.

The only Committee I do not serve on and correctly so, is the disciplinary committee.

We have done a tremendous amount of work in all these committees, especially on the legal side, by having completed the first very rough re-draft of the dental technicians act. It will be available sometime next year for your valuable input and comment.

Competitions Commissioner:

As you are aware, SADA laid a complaint against DENTASA and the SADTC, at the CC with regards to the use of Cad/Cam by dentists. I have already given a three hour testimony at the CC in June/July of this year.
Both the Registrar of the SADTC and I have been subpoenaed to appear in front of the CC again on the 11th December, and I would imagine that the final outcome of the case will be delivered. If so, I will send an SMS out to inform you all, as the office is closing on Tuesday 15th December.

National Department of Health:

I am part of the “Oral Health Stakeholder Consultative Committee” of the NDoH. This is a very high powered committee, as all nine Directors of Oral Health, the Dental Dean of Dental Faculties, all Associations, all Regulators and Representatives of the UoTs, chaired by the Director of Oral Health in S.A. are present.

DENTASA, represented by yours truly, had a very interesting presentation on Clinical Dental Technology on the 26th November. Mr. Ishmael Larney from Sydney, Australia was my guest and he gave the presentation. This, I can promise you was not the highlight of what all the dentists present, wanted to hear. The presentations by both the SADTC and the UoTs also stressed the fact that there is no turning back with regards to Denturism. One of the achieved results at the meeting was that the OHSCC is holding a two day workshop, with the emphasis that we are all equal. This meeting is due to take place early in the new- year, as there is sense of urgency involved, if transformation is to be achieved.

DENTASA Elections:

DENTASA also held its general election this year, and both good and bad came out of this. The biggest branch, South Gauteng, has unfortunately no representation on the Exco. This is an urgent priority for January 2016. The good news is that a new branch in Mpumalanga was established. We welcome Channell Steenkamp to the fold. Congratulations to our new President, Michael Lazarevic and Vice President Harry George.

DENTASA Summit and AGM:

2015 AGM proved to be very successful and thank all members that attended, and a special word of thanks to the Western Cape.
2016 has been booked and will be held on the 3rd and 4th June at the Birchwood Hotel & Conference Centre. Please diarize this important date !

Code of Conduct and Ethics:

DENTASA was informed by the SADTC that a code of conduct must be formulated for our members, as all Associations need to abide. I researched various Codes of Conducts and Ethics from many professions around the world, and drew up our own. This was presented to the Exco of DENTASA and duly accepted. The same was also presented to the SADTC.

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